META – Don Bosco Vocational School


metaszki-logo  Modern Európai Tanulmányok Akadémiája (Academy of Modern European Studies) Vocational School started its first academic year in September, 2011 as a school of SZÁMALK company group. The school became widely known as ’META’. In the first year nearly 1000 students chose our school. The number of students has risen since then, so we can be satisfied that every year about 1200 students start their studies in META.

When establishing our  training programme, we put emphasis on the fields of health care, social and humane services, and started to educate professionlas that are considered to be in shortage. So we started to educate dental assistants, pharmacy assistants, medical masseurs, nurses, infant and child nurses, emergency medical technicians, caregivers and educators of young children, assistant teachers of special educational needs, tour guides, organisers in tourism, fitness-wellness instructors, financial and bookkeeping assistants, financial product salespersons, logistics assistants and merchants.

meta-don-bosco-szakkozepiskola0d7Q0 In 2013, the situation of non-state schools became difficult. While looking for the solution, we met the Salesians of Don Bosco. The core values, the pedagogical methods and the human-centred policy of the order was – and is still – close to the values of our institution. The common decision was made: we continued our work under the Salesian Institution Maintenance from September, 2013. Our name was changed to META – Don Bosco Vocational School.

However, the training programme of the school did not change. Our goal is – similarly to Don Bosco’s intentions – is to educate young people who are capable of thinking responsibly, are free and respect their fellows, who are devoted, work and study hard. The education of the young is the common task and goal of the order and the school: our ars poetica.

Education Concept.During our human-centered education we aim to show and enforce the rules of coexistence, the norms of a civil society. We also aim to acquaint the values of universal and national culture. We find it important to help our students deploy their personalities. We find time to form school communities inside and outside school. It is extermely important for us to help people with special needs. The development of respect, tolerance and empathy is among our everyday tasks.

Our vocational education activity exclusively concentrates on students with matura examination, we teach in day and night school. In the latter we give the possibility of studying for those who want to study beside working.  On the other hand, those students who cannot go to school by day because of family or social problems have the possibility to finish their studies this way.

Our main task is to give the young those competences that are essential for them to be able to find jobs. We provide theory based practical oriented education, which gives students better chance to get jobs in their professions and to take part in further education. The atmosphere in which they study, the teachers who teach them really matter.  Our teachers are professionals with decades of experience. Not only do they teach but also create friendly, human centered and happy atmosphere.

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Before our students go to professional practice to our partners, they acquire the basic practical knowledge and routines in demonstration rooms inside our school. This way they can realize what huge responsibility it is to work, to study and to use their knowledge in real-life environment.  Our students do their professional practice in hospitals, crèches, spas, schools, ambulance cars and centers, outpatient clinics, travel bureaus.

Since 01/09/2016, we have been known as fejlec


Professional courses in 2017/2018 academic year:

 Assistant teacher of special educational needs
Caregiver and educator of young children
Emergency medical technician
Fitness-wellness instructor
Financial and bookeeeping assistant
Chartered certified accountant for businesses
Infant and child nurse
Logistics and transport assistant
 Medical masseur
Pharmacy assistant
Tour Guide