Practicing emergency medical technician / Emergency medical technician

Practicing emergency medical technician (EMT) (National Qualifications Register 54 723 01) – Emergency medical technician (EMT)  (National Qualifications Register 55 723 11)

Emergency medical technicians are widwly known, at least by sight and generally we can say that they have a socially valued and acknowledged job. However, it is more than a simple job, it is a real profession. Those who enter this job, will definitely not do it for money: it is equally important for them to have a job which is special, varied, adventurous, sensible and useful. We only recommend this profession for those, who are committed to saving lives.

The ambulance car passing us with sounding siren is part of our everyday life, we do not even recognise it racing along the street, we just grumble because it is noisy and it disturbs us while telephoning. However, that vehicle is going to a someone who is in trouble, maybe in life-threatening condition. This job means everyday challenges and tough situations. If you feel like rescuing the life of your fellow human beings, would like to help patients, the injured, and you are also prepared mentally to it, you should consider taking the emergency medical technician course.

Their responsibilities include maintaining the equipment necessary for care, securing venue, examining patients. In case of emergency they have to perform rescue operations. They do their tasks under the supervision of a doctor and a paramedic. They are experts of fastening and transporting patients and of rescue operations. They might work in disasters, mass accidents, so they need balanced, healthy psyche and sincere sense of vocation.

During the training, students learn saving technology and get nursing skills. They also learn all the necessary information about patient transportation, health promotion and first aid. The ambulance man training develops a new approach and provides students with a lifelong, useable medical knowledge