Merchant (National Qualifications Register 54 341 01)

Introduction to merchant training

Among competitive professions the merchant stands in a distinguished place since there is always a need for their professional work. Long-term working possibilities, moral and financial trust can be gained in commerce. The skills and knowledge acquired during the training can be applied as an employee but during the training legal and vocational knowledge, required for an enterprise, is also given. 

A merchant’s task is to ensure the accurate work of the commercial unit. They direct, organize and analyze the budget of a shop. A merchant ensures personal and objective conditions needed for working. They recruit employees and fix appointments. They can participate in developing a chain store and can have a word in creating shop assortment.  They should follow the current marketing situation carefully and analyze it so that they should be able to give an adequate answer to the changes.

A merchant can also launch their own enterprise as well, and choose and form business-premises.

Criteria of being an excellent merchant

They can direct the run of the commercial unit from the beginning, their organizational skill can ensure undisturbed and efficient operation. A merchant interprets different marketing activities, they are capable of employing workers. Their responsibilities are to transact supply, organize storage, record resources. In addition to inventory management, they organize different sales and marketing activities.

As seen above, this profession,  which is essential in modern trade, really requires responsibility and thoughtfulness. It is crucial for  retailers and wholesalers to employ a well-trained and prepared merchant.