Fitness-Wellness Instructor

Fitness-Wellness Instructor (National Qualifications Register 54 813 01)

Introduction to fitness-wellness instructor profession

In these days, health-conscious way of life is reaching its peak. No wonder, considering how many health problems we have owing to work and private life stress, lack of exercise and improper diet in our age. Ordinary people recognize the importance of the regular exercise again: not only can the latter one expand our life span but it can positively influence the quality of our life and everyday mood, as well as it can increase our endurance and concentration skill.

Thanks to the growing interest the most up-to-date alternatives for moving are within reach.  Fitness and wellness are coming into prominence; the popularity of such programs is higher than it has ever been. If you are a dedicated devotee to the healthy way of life and you are pleased to help others, fitness-wellness instructor profession will be the best option for you to gain your end.

The fitness-wellness instructor is an employee of hotels with wellness services, fitness clubs and similar institutions. They are responsible for making contact guests and clients. They are in direct connection with potential and old clients.

What does the fitness-wellness instructor training prepare for?

Fitness-wellness instructor training introduces students to some thorough fitness and wellness knowledge therefore it can be useful for them to be interested in other related professions, such as a personal trainer or a dance- instructor.

During the training you can pick up some knowledge belonging to completely different disciplines: you can get an inside view of several subjects like sport medicine, communication, psychology and pedagogy. Theoretical and practical skills acquired during the training can help you in your everyday work, especially when you get organizational, managing tasks as well as office organization or catering tasks from your employer.

Job description

It does not cause any difficulties for fitness-wellness instructors to organize or perform sport activities in a health or wellness center. You will be capable of doing the administrative and coordinative tasks appropriately. A fitness-wellness instructor’s task is to contact the potential clients as well as pursue the positive relations with the already existing guests.