Financial and bookkeeping assistant


Financial and bookkeeping assistant   (National Qualifications Register 54 344 01)


It is important for businesses to have their financial matters in order. Ignoring trends or liquidity issues can lead to serious problems. Experts in finance and accounting are essential for each company from small enterprises to multinational corporations.

Accounting and bookkeeping are not just arithmetic calculations. It might be a very serious problem for the company if a mistake is made because of incompetence. Finance and accounting experts can rest assured that their work is valuable to their employers. They help the company to avoid a possible fine, and if they do their work properly, they can help with debt management as well. They must pay attention to various expenses such as a business dinner or depreciation when they allocate the cost of a tangible asset.


This job might seem to be a monotonous and not very challenging one, but nothing could be farther from the truth. It is undeniable that statistical thinking is suitable for those who have got a head for numbers. Analytical thinking, problem solving skills and statistical thinking are also required.


Finance is an interesting area in companies because even the management avoids interfering with it if it operates smoothly. Employees at other departments usually do not know what kind of work is done at finance although they are sometimes reluctant to admit this. It is a highly regarded position where there is a certain degree of freedom to carry out duties, so the ability to work independently is a must. It is a position based on trust: financial assistants see the documents of the company, they handle contracts, invoices, bills and bank statements. Competent financial assistants can expect to find work easily, and can also expect long-term employment.

Although computers changed the way the administration of documents is done, the work of financial assistants has not become less significant, only a little easier.

It is the goal of the course to provide students with legal and professional knowledge as well. It is also necessary to complete this course if they want to become Chartered Accountants but do not have a university degree in economics.