Caregiver and educator of young children

Caregiver and educator of young children (National Qualifications Register 54 761 02)


This course is ideal for those who are good at dealing with infants and who love dealing with them too. They can find work and job security in nursery schools as public-sector employees. They also get bonus points if they plan to continue their studies at BA level in the fields of social sciences and pedagogy. Employees who work with infants form the third largest group in social sector but the area is not yet full. More vacancies are to be expected because a large number of those who work in this area at present are close to their retirement age. It is safe to say therefore that there is not only great demand for young people but they can reasonably expect secure and permanent employment after the course.


Caregivers look after children and are responsible for their education, they have development sessions with the children they are responsible for.  They help children during one of the most significant periods in their lives. Their parents are at work during the day so they substitute them for a few hours with care and love. Apart from organising free time activities, infant and child caregivers also do the necessary administration and help children with their integration and social behaviour. They teach them to become independent and encourage them through this process. 

During the course participants will  acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for this job. They study law, social policy, ethics, psychology and pedagogy as well. They learn about how foster homes work and acquire knowledge about how to educate children. It is also possible to find employment in adolescent care or pursue other social careers.


Many people think that to work as an infant and child caregiver is one of the most beautiful professions because they provide security for families and ensure the future of the individual. Care and education at this age might have a fundamental role in the later development of the child so responsibility is great and social recognition is also high. Some of our graduates find employment in private institutions or in kindergartens run by local governments. Today there are private day-care facilities as well.