Practicing nurse / Nurse

Practicing nurse (National Qualifications Register 54 723 02) – Nurse (National Qualifications Register 55 723 01)

Introduction to nurse training

Among caring professions, it is the most significant as they support the most vulnerable and desperate people: patients. Nurses are the most important participants of the effective operation of health care, patients meet them the most, and nurses guarantee the success of the healing process, therefore being a nurse is a profession for those who are dedicated, have empathy and can make good relationship.

Their responsibilities include supervising patients from arrival to exit, giving information to either the patient or to the relatives. They perform administration tasks, document the patient’s data, keep track of medication, in one word they supervise all the paperwork necessary for the safe and efficient health care.

The nurse prepares patients for examination, assists the physician, and is able to intervene in emergency cases according to their scope of work. They nurse patients, provide medication, transfusion etc.

Besides all these, they help the healthy as well. They take part in preventing and health promoting activities or help with rehabilitation. So, the most important assistance of hospital work is provided by nurses.

An important appeal of the nurse practitioner job is that having secondary school leaving exam certification you can even complete this training state-founded, and due to the constant shortage of qualified nurses throughout Europe it is easy to find employment. A lot of people take on jobs in Western Europe for outstanding salary and with excellent working conditions, but many of them spend there only a few days per month to complement their local payment. So, there are lots of opportunities of this profession either locally or across the border.

When applying for university to study health science (except for Medical University) having this certificate can add extra scores.