Practicing infant and child nurse / Infant and child nurse

Practicing infant and child nurse (National Qualifications Register 54 723 03) – Infant and child nurse (National Qualifications Register 54 723 03)

Introduction to infant and child nurse practition course

If you would like to learn a profession within the bounds of health care, where you can help people and you would enjoy to work with new born babies and children, then the infant and child nurse training can be a good choice for you. This profession is recommended for child centred, emphatic people and as there is shortage of this profession, finding employment is easy in Hungary and abroad as well. Besides doing their local job, a lot of people decide to be on duty part time for a few days per month abroad, which helps them earn much more than the average salary. So all conditions are given.

Responsibilities of an infant and child nurse

The infant and child nurse takes care of new born babies, infants and toddlers, and – if required – they deal with premature babies and doing this, they save lives. They prepare patients for examinations, monitor them, assist doctors at interventions, moreover they might take part in life-saving interventions within their scope.

As they basically work with children, it is important to get on well with them, therefore during this training they learn about child psychology. They need this knowledge as they will have to maintain active contacts with children, they will inject and medicine them.

Furthermore, the infant and child nurse takes part and assist aesthetic, transfusion and dialysis treatments. Naturally it is a hard, but beautiful job, where you can directly help those who can’t protect themselves: children. Without exaggeration, we can claim that the infant and child nurse saves lives, their work influence the future of families, their help grant the healthy future of children.

When applying for university to study health science (except for Medical University) having this certificate can add extra scores.