Assistant teacher of special educational needs (SEN)

Assistant teacher of special educational needs (SEN)  (National qualifications Register 54 140 01)

Who would be an ideal person to be a qualified assistant teacher?

If any time you feel you are full of empathy, you do not have any prejudice and accept physically and mentally handicapped children without reservation, on the contrary, you wish to help them make their quality of life better.  Well, in this case the assistant teacher training would be the best possibility for you to learn a conformable profession.

The assistant teacher does their work concentrating on their unquestionably respectful goal. Since they give devotion to the development of those individuals’ who are the most naked members of the society, they insist on making the physically and mentally disabled’s life better. To be able to accomplish this mission, they have to know lots of different special educational methods and apply these confidently and efficiently during their everyday work after having finished the course successfully.

The teachers in Meta-Don Bosco Vocational School impart the adequate knowledge and competence for each student during the training. We provide facility for the students to learn everything that can be acquired in this profession to be an experienced special education assistant teacher. However, acquiring the theoretical and practical knowledge of this training does not mean itself that anybody can become a good special education assistant. As we mentioned, an efficient teacher assistant needs certain existing psychological traits like tolerance, empathy, helpfulness and perceptivity. These cannot or only for a minimal degree be learnt for those that have different temperament.

What are the requirements of a special education assistant?

They teach children with special educational needs, give educational and improving lessons for them either in group or individually. In some cases assistants simply control the students, but they can also accompany them from one place to another. Well-prepared employees can provide the accidentally occurring caring tasks without any problems. They also have to do some administration but it makes up only a minimal part of their field of work.